Welcome to DC Software!  I'm David Ching.

I am actively seeking a position as a lead contributor with an excellent team, with a focus on GUI, Windows, and Back-end.


For over 20 years, DCSoft has provided excellent GUI software (emphasizing Windows but also cross platform to Mac and Linux using the Qt framework) to large companies:

and to startups:


For over 20 years, DCSoft has provided Windows expertise with an emphasis in Application Hooking for custom modification of client applications, for which no source code is available.

RegEditX is a consumer application that modifies the standard Windows Registry Editor (regedit) to insert additional productive functionality.

DCSoft has also consulted to research and deploy products at:

  • Apple Computer (enhanced the libDispatch threading library for Windows, used by iTunes)
  • Trimble Navigation (stabilized two simulator platforms for Trimble Agricultural controllers)
  • Salfeld Computer (consumer application "Child Control", parental control software)
  • ZeroNines (research into mirroring SQL Server transactions in real-time)

Full Stack

For 8 years, DCSoft has developed Web Applications using the Windows Full Stack (Windows Server/IIS/SQL Server/LINQ/Entity Framework/ASP.NET MVC/Web API/jQuery/Angular).

Clients include:

  • Intel (started rewrite of Cache Acceleration responsive web app)
  • ERG/Yoh (Timecard management and Business financials for technical recruitment)

GUI Portfolio

Desktop Engineer of Direct Connect, Customer Lobby
Daily uploads of invoicing data for repeat marketing.
Written in C#/WPF/Winforms. Deployed in 2016.
Client: Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere)
TraitMapper - identify agricultural plots on GPS coordinated photos.
Written in Qt/Python. Deployed in 2017.
Client: GEO Semiconductor
GUI for tuning image quality algorithms.
Written in Qt/C++. Deployed in 2015.

Client: ERG
Web application for contractor timecards and business reporting.
Written in ASP.NET MVC/jQuery. Deployed in 2012.
Client: ZeroNines/Intel
Cache Acceleration (responsive web app).
Written in JavaScript/Angular. Created in 2014.
Client: Amicus Wireless
Diagnostics Monitor - business customer facing utility to set and view performance of wireless chipset.
Written in C#/WPF/PInvoke. Deployed in 2007.

Chief Architect of Setpoint Application, Logitech
User-friendly configuration of Logitech mice and keyboards.
Written in MFC/C++. Deployed in 2004.
Client: Airgo Networks/LinkSys
Wireless Connection Utility - consumer facing utility to easily configure a wireless home networking.
Written in C++/MFC. Deployed in 2007.

The Recommendation

August, 2015

I hired David Ching early July 2015 for design of a Graphical User Interface tool for tuning GEO Semiconductor's Image Quality algorithms. I was truly impressed by David's ability to grasp quickly the project's technical requirements, as well as the schedule constraints. In about 6 weeks, David picked a scalable framework for the software architecture, delivered a professional fully functional result completed with training materials (including video walkthrough) for the software team to pick up. David is very enjoyable to work with, very well organized, self-managed, with a strong attention to detail, a clear sense of meeting deadlines and a passion for quality software. David far exceeded my expectations and is now on my top contact list for software development services.

The Creed

I develop software which genuiney improves people's lives and set a high standard of delivery and integrity.

At every milestone, my code is highly functional with little technical debt, and is easy to read and understand. I try very hard to remove unnecessary indirection and "just get to the point." I focus on the complete package (including a deployment strategy and documentation) and constantly look ahead to anticipate problems early. I will bend over backwards to meet your deadlines.

The Business

DCSoft was established in 1995 and is a sole proprietorship located in San Ramon, CA USA (in the San Francisco Bay Area).