Welcome to DC Software!  I'm David Ching. I create Windows and Web software.

Windows Desktop

For over 20 years, DCSoft has provided excellent Desktop software (emphasizing Windows but also cross platform to Mac and Linux using the Qt framework) to large companies:

and to startups:

Windows System

For over 20 years, DCSoft has provided Windows System expertise with an emphasis in Application Hooking for custom modification of client applications, for which no source code is available.

RegEditX is a consumer application that modifies the standard Windows Registry Editor (regedit) to insert additional productive functionality.

DCSoft has also consulted to research and deploy products at:

  • Apple Computer (enhanced the libDispatch threading library for Windows, used by iTunes)
  • Trimble Navigation (stabilized two simulator platforms for Trimble Agricultural controllers)
  • Salfeld Computer (consumer application "Child Control", parental control software)
  • ZeroNines (research into mirroring SQL Server transactions in real-time)
  • Next Labs (business application to secure PC from using clipboard, drag and drop, etc. to transfer data)
  • Vir2Us (Immunity Platform)

Full Stack

For 8 years, DCSoft has developed Web Applications using the Windows Full Stack (Windows Server/IIS/SQL Server/LINQ/Entity Framework/ASP.NET MVC/Web API/jQuery/Angular).

Clients include:

  • Intel (started rewrite of Cache Acceleration responsive web app)
  • ERG/Yoh (Timecard management and Business financials for technical recruitment)

GUI Portfolio

Desktop Engineer of Direct Connect, Customer Lobby
Daily uploads of invoicing data for repeat marketing.
Written in C#/WPF/Winforms. Deployed in 2016.
Client: Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere)
TraitMapper - identify agricultural plots on GPS coordinated photos.
Written in Qt/Python. Deployed in 2017.
Client: GEO Semiconductor
GUI for tuning image quality algorithms.
Written in Qt/C++. Deployed in 2015.
Client: ERG
Web application for contractor timecards and business reporting.
Written in ASP.NET MVC/jQuery. Deployed in 2012.

Client: ZeroNines/Intel
Cache Acceleration (responsive web app).
Written in JavaScript/Angular. Created in 2014.
Client: Amicus Wireless
Diagnostics Monitor - business customer facing utility to set and view performance of wireless chipset.
Written in C#/WPF/PInvoke. Deployed in 2007.
Chief Architect of Setpoint Application, Logitech
User-friendly configuration of Logitech mice and keyboards.
Written in MFC/C++. Deployed in 2004.
Client: Airgo Networks/LinkSys
Wireless Connection Utility - consumer facing utility to easily configure a wireless home networking.
Written in C++/MFC. Deployed in 2007.

The Creed

DCSoft's goal is to develop software which genuinely improves people's productivity, and to set an authoritative standard of impeccable delivery and high integrity.

Clients consistently report that DCSoft learns quickly, delivers on time, writes maintainable code, and doesn't require babysitting to make it work.  We deliver usable functionality at every milestone to aid your evaluation, and solve the hard problems first (like creating a Deployment strategy).  We keep the code at Beta level or better and at Near-Magazine quality, and write concise documentation.

The Business

DCSoft was established in 1995 and is a sole proprietorship located in San Ramon, CA USA (in the San Francisco Bay Area).