TimeStitcher Supplemental

Updated: March 30, 2023

Check back often, as this page contains very up to date information on the evolution of TimeStitcher while it is in Preview.

We want to hear from you! Please send e-mail to timestitcher (at) dcsoft (dot) com for your overall impressions, suggestions and issues.


Additional Documentation

Auto Save

Your stitches are auto-saved, 4 seconds after you stop typing. Also, you can manually save when you know they are stable by typing Ctrl+S.

Drag and drop re-ordering

Re-order your stitches by dragging and dropping them in the Stitch list (the left pane)

Undo / Redo

Edit your stitches with full Undo/Redo.

History Dialog (Ctrl+H)

There is a preliminary showing the versions of your stitches over time.

Time Stitcher Differences

The ability to track stitches over time will be a game changing feature of TimeStitcher, so there will be entirely new UI's to access and view these differences. If you have any ideas of a "timeline view", please let us know!